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Annual Report



 May be thereis a road ahead of it,
May be there is a new world down the road,
Walking forth is the only plight,
Because we didn’t come this far to come this far only 

            A heart filled with aspirations isall that we knew since the very existence of the school and that’s what gave usthe ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all ourendeavours.
This report is comprised of the achievements made during the year gone by and atthe same time set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come.

1.Keeping ourselves upwith the pace of the modern world, Complete Digitalization of the school wasundertaken which transformed the entire school chores channel through the InformationTechnology, bringing more transparency and enhanced communication with parentsand community. Respected Chairman sir himself graced the occasion andinaugurated the Digitization System  by introducing  the CLASSON STUDYSCHOOL APP

2. Having the schoolcompletely digitized has in numerous advantages to the parents, teachers andthe school itself.
*Parents can keep a real-time track of the status of their child for Homework, DailyAttendance, Fee status, Periodic Results, School Circulars and News, etc.through the CLASSON STUDY SCHOOL APP on Android and Apple mobiles.
* Parents have a direct access to communicate with the Class-Teacher forregular update of their child and the cases which need my personal attentioncan be escalated directly to me through the provision of Communicate in ourPortal.
* Parents and teachers have been brought closer as this software providesa direct upload of the daily homework on the online portal parallel to what isgiven in the classroom, so that *parents too are apprised of the daily homeworkgiven in classroom and the same can been forced at the parents end too.

3.Making our students globally relevant is need of the hour and with the same idea,we introduced 2nd English Language lab cum Computer Lab.  inour curriculum beginning this session for Class 3rd onwards. It was inauguratedby Respected Sarpanches and Panches of all neighbouring villages.

4.With the sole purpose of updating teachers knowledge, the school hosted aseries of Teachers Workshops. It was an attempt which inclusively engulfedvarious significant aspects like Moral Values, Life Skills , Meditation &Stress Management, Coping with different behavioural problems of students ,nurturing early childhood  and classroom management
Apart from this, our teachers are made a part of the training sessions and workshopshappening at other schools. Attendee teachers further share the knowledge withother fellow teachers widening the sphere of wisdom.


5. : “Developa passion for learning. If you do, you willnever cease to grow.” 

- AntonyJ DAngelo 

The year 2023-24 was critical with the changedexamination pattern,  NEP 2020, Howeverthe 7th  batch of Class X & XII  did extremely well and SGHScongratulates  all students  forscoring above 90% in all subjects  .This is a good achievement for them as well as for the institution & proudmoment for the parents. 

SGHS congratulate students, parents and teachers for this success.
Respected Chairman sir and Chairperson madam further encouraged the children toscore well by declaring an additional scholarship of Rs. 10000 per annum for thestudents of class X securing A1 grade in all the subjects.

 6."We donot inherit the earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children!" Chief Seattle In an initiative togenerate the habit of using old things to create beautiful crafts amongstchildren, a concept which has global significance, a best out of waste competitionwas recently organized in our school. A learning experience for all, thecompetition promoted creativity and artistic excellence in our leaders oftomorrow. It also helped them to realize the importance of recycling and reusingwaste material available to them. 


7.Raksha Bandhan is aprecious and pious occasion to celebrate the beauty of love between brother andsister. The tradition of tying a holy thread, Rakhi around the wrist ofbrothers by their sisters symbolizes Raksha(protection). It is typically aHindu festival but nowadays people from different faiths celebrate it too. Onthis day, Sisters tie a sacred thread or a colourful special band, rightlycalled the Rakhi on their brothers wrist as a mark of affection, sisterly love,and sublime sentiments. All the students from class I to Class XII participatedand made traditionally colourful Rakhis. 

 8. To take partis what counts in competition and lessons of victory and defeat are what we getin return. This environment was sufficiently created through inter-school,inter-house and inter-class competitions such as debate, Quiz, Rangoli,Declamation, Creative-Writing, Spelling-Bee, Rhyme and Rhythm, Drawing andPower-Point competitions. Our students took part in various inter-school , Zonallevel and state level Competitions and brought laudable laurels to the school.
9. End of November  witnessed three days long Athletic  meet wherethe students participated in different events under the banner of their houseand won various medals and trophies . FATEH HOUSE won the overall Trophy .

10. End of December  witnessed a magnanimous morning where the schoolcelebrated its 10th Annual Day Programme  which gave the students anamazing opportunity to showcase their potential.

11. School badeFarewell to Class XII Students with plenty of good wishes for a bright andsuccessful future. Respected Chairman Sir and Chairperson Madam blessed thestudents.

12. To outlet the steam of calibre of our students in the field of Social Science,Maths, and science, Science, Maths and Social week were celebrated in the monthof May , November and December followed by Exhibition to showcase their models.
13. Conforming to the guidelines from Directorate of Education & CBSE and todisseminate the message of a better habitable environment , an Anti-Drug Rally by our students was taken out in the near by areas of Bhadni Kalan.With the same thought, a Cleanliness Drive under the programme of Swachh BharatAbhiyan was undertaken in the month of November where all the staff members andstudents cleaned the school premises and proximate areas.

14.TheScience Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is an educational foundation established in1996 and anon-profit organization based in New Delhi, which promotes andconducts competitions in Science, mathematics, general Knowledge, IntroductoryComputer Education. Our students achieved National and International ranks. Iwish all the best to the children and many more awards to win in future competitions

15. In theMonth of March 2024 our School selected for SAFAL field Test Exam for Grade 5th& 8th and we have successfully conducted the SAFAL field test.

 16. Promotingthe harmony across all communities, Special Assemblies are conducted on aregular basis where all the Festivals irrespective of the religion &following are fondly celebrated.

We are drowning ininformation and severely starving for wisdom today. Fortunately, we areempowered with demographic dividend knocking on our door. We just need to breakthe cocoon and let in the beautiful colours of knowledge. I am sure in thecoming years, we shall successfully channelize the halo of the young minds toexplore best of their abilities.

Towards the end, I thank the supportive management whose continuous support to ourideology of education has enabled the school to come this far. Teachers and theentire staff members also deserve applause for their tireless efforts in implementingthe route map of imparting quality education here. I also  extend my heartfelt thanks to the parents ofour students who have shown unflinching faith in us by giving us the profoundopportunity to transform their children into truly useful citizens of thefuture world.

With that, let us foresee a world of universal singularity where our children aregoing to be the propellant of this change and the world shall be a beautifulplace to live in..!!!

Thank you very much !!!!!