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Smart Class

As school knows that it is modern era whose students learn more from media than traditional materials as we learnt, so for making teaching learning process interesting and effective .


“ A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas a place where history comes to life “

**If I am unable to visit my library on the day. Whole day look like not have taken a bite of food area after a variety of meals. **

School has a library in its progressive state which is a house of knowledge. This is the place where students frequently wish to visit to learn of their choice school has library covering almost 2200 sq. ft space with senior & junior sections, Imaginatively stocked with about 3500 titles that cover fiction and non – fiction in all genres and subjects. In fact library specialize in the reference section here the students are activity encouraged to use the library for independent study for research of their presentations and projects. Library stocks are routinely updated with latest edition of the books available in the market.

Here students can also read news paper to update themselves to know the day today event happening around the world.

Computer Lab:

In the age of IT computer have become a necessity, to cater this need school has user friendly computer labs. These labs are well equipped with latest technology PCs and a network binding them together. Internet facility with broadband connection paves the way for the students to become highly skilled resource persons and technocrats in near future:

These students laboratories support the academic study of computer science as a subject. The highly qualified teachers bring about this new confidence in students by making them ‘tech Savvy’

Science Labs :

To make the students acquaint with physical, chemical and biological concepts practically, So that they may learn by doing and visualizing instead of listening & reading. We have separate well equipped. Spacious & airy labs for physics, chemistry & biology.

Each 6th onwards class has weekly visit to labs to develop a scientific temperament & skill of accuracy and handling the various equipments.

Language Lab :

We feel that modern time is time of globalization where to limit ourselves only up to mother tongue & national language will not be justified. Some time students good in their academic remain unable to achieve their goal due to lack of expressing their self. In this global world child must be good in their communication skill in global language. Keeping this in vision school has developed a language lab in collaboration with Edutopia private Limited. Where students visit twice in a week to develop Language skill specially reading, listening and speaking.

Sports Complex:

SGHS School has a huge sports complex spread at 5 acres of land .This complex emphasizes on the all round development of hands on motor skill co-ordination ,movements, health nutrition .

The concept of fitness, teamwork, discipline and competitions are essential ingredients of sports and such fostered here .Learning to cope with stress , with over the emotion & sense of loosing & writing ,team sprit &perform at all situations & in front of mass could are taught through sports and games .

Here in a specialized team of three coaches is working with students to provide them platform to various games viz. Basketball , Football ,Volleyball, Badminton ,Skating ,Yoga ,Hockey , Kho-kho , Athletics , wrestling. .

Aim of school is not only sports to enjoy but also provide the career opportunities to its students in sports.

Play Station:

The school has special play station area equipped with slides swings, sea –saw, balancing etc. where children can play & enjoy themselves thoroughly. This place is very much demanding among the kinder garden students (kids).

Amphitheater :

The large and aesthetically designed amphitheater having a capacity of 500 students has a grace and uniqueness of its own. Be it the morning assembilies or the plays, workshops, Music and dance competitions, debates, held over here, all these co-curricular & cultural activities throughout the year busy. This all had made it popular for its ambience & great atmosphere created.