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1. Discipline has assumed immense importance in the school. The discipline is not imposed by physical force but the academic atmosphere leads to self imposed discipline

2. Every student must have school diary daily.

3. All pupils are expected to be present for the assembly.

4. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without prior permission of the Principal. Which will be granted only at the specific written request of the parents .

5. The school uniform is to be worn on all the school days.

6. All students must converse in English at school.

7. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged among students.

8. Gifts by Parents to the staff members are not allowed in the school.

9. All students should have their books in bag.

10. Care must be taken of all school property. No one should scratch or spoil the chairs/desks/walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage should be reported to the Principal.

11. The school is not responsible for articles or money lost. School management will advice do not bring valuable articles/money.

12. No pupil is allowed to bring razor blades or any kind of sharp instruments to the school.

13. Students are warned not to buy anything especially edibles from the street vendors.

14. The school management welcomes any suggestion and advice which is positive and consumptive for welfare of the school and students.

15. Those parents/students who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against the school or joining any anti social elements to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the school forfeit the right to continue studying in the school.

16. The management has right to take disciplinary action against students/parents who do not comply with school rules.